Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eyecage Leather Mask

Here is the first one I am happy enough with to offer for sale. Listed on my etsy page. I think it has that nice creepiness to make it interesting.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mask with Eye Cages

What's that you say? Mask with Eye Cages? Huh?

I was intrigued by the idea of using the leather within the eyehole to create bars, rather than just cutting it out and discarding it. I'm experimenting with it in two versions.

The two samples cut from the larger piece of leather (shown above) are sewn together at the apex. The three other pieces are made with solid leather bars all the way across the eyes.

Here is my first attempt at making the bars integral with the mask, and stitching them together.

Here is a second version, with twisted leather bars. More work needs to be done on this, but it looks promising.

And here is one with the eye bars as a separate piece that is riveted on. I've marked the leather where I will be making changes. I am optimistic that these will turn out as saleable steampunk items.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tauruscat: Completed Sensor

After several coats of Liver of Sulphur and one coat of wine vinegar I have completed the sensor tube fittings.

Shown along with the sensor is a polished brass fitting to show how much it darkened with treatment.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Head Protectors for Shipwrecked Persons

Patented in 1878, the patent begins as follows:

Be it known that I, Francis P. Cummerford, of Wilmington, in the county of New Castle and State of Delaware, have invented a new and Improved Head-Protector, of which the following is a specification:

This invention consists of a protecting-helmet, for the use of firemen, shipwrecked and other persons, made of rubber or other elastic material, that closes tightly to the neck, but fits loosely on the head, it being provided at the upper part with a ventilating device, and with a mouth-piece and closing device to admit of speaking.

Another wonderful inspiration for those of a steampunk persuasion. My favorite paragraph reads:

The mouth-piece is used in case it is necessary for the wearer to give orders or to communicate with his companions. The protector may be used also as a covering against rain, sleet, snow, and spray, when on the deck of a vessel in storms; or it may be used, when made of fire-proof material, by firemen, or, when made of lighter material for ladies' use, in bathing, as it will effectually protect the hair from salt water.

Yes sir, for you ladies wanting to protect your hair there's nothing else like it! Thanks to André Granum for sending this to me.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tauruscat: Tubing Fitting

I have spent quite a bit of time attempting to locate the perfect fitting to cover the end of the tubing where it joins the resin sensor. I looked at clamps and crimps and ferrules. I bought two sets of parts from Ebay—fifty brass hose ferrules, and another fifty copper end caps—both of which were too large. And then to my chagrin, I discovered the perfect metal piece at my local hardware store. It is a ½" brass compression fitting.

The photo shows my steps for aging the fittings, and making them a little less recognizable as a part you probably have under your kitchen sink. The top piece is in its originals state. Going around clockwise, I sanded off the sharp edges; I sandblasted it to remove any lacquer; and I buffed it. On the far left bottom I've dipped it into vinegar a couple of times which brings out the cuperate patina. And above it I dipped it into Liver of Sulphur which turns the copper in the brass brown.

I will age all eleven of the fittings together to hopefully a nice dark brown.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Daguerreotype of Sentinel

A recently discovered daguerreotype of a gentleman wearing the Sentinel helmet, gas mask and gorget has been revealed by X Encontro de Jogadores de RPG. An airship, about to dock, can be seen descending in the distance.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Cape: Coming to the Small Screen

NBC is about to begin shooting the pilot of a new TV show entitled The Cape. The lead will be played by ER's David Lyons, who had the role of Dr. Simon Brenner on the hit TV show. Lyons will be playing the main lead of Vince Faraday, a police officer who dresses up as a crime fighting superhero because his name gets disgraced and he has to clear it, while also on a mission to find a way to be reunited with his son. Director of the pilot is Simon West, who also directed the recent Human Target pilot.

And how does this relate to me you're asking? Well, the costumer just purchased one of my steamy leather top hats (pictured above) to be part of the show. Below you can read an excerpt from the pilot which describes a motley crew of circus characters. I think the top hat will fit right in!

Thanks to KSITE.TV for the story.