Monday, February 18, 2013

Schnabel Photo Manipulation Competition

Announcing a competition in photo manipulation using images of my steampunk plague doctor mask Schnabel. I am providing twenty three high resolution photos of the Schnabel mask from varying angles and in a variety of lighting, all shot on a white background to make them easily extractable. 
 Your job is to choose one or more of the images and incorporate it into a photograph that will showcase the beauty of the mask.

I will be using the image to advertise the Schnabel mask, which I sell at my Etsy store. What I’m looking for is originality and drama. Think of it as an advertising poster that grabs the viewer’s attention and promotes the Schnabel mask.

The competition will run through March 20, 2013 after which I will choose a winner. The prize is a Schnabel mask (your choice of black or white) valued at $215.  Each entry must contain the word “Schnabel” in the image. Minimum size of submissions is 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels. You can make it horizontal or vertical in any ratio. Feel free to add your own watermark. Multiple entries are welcome.

By submitting photos to me you assure me that you own all rights to the images and are granting me the right to use them on my blog, Etsy store and wherever else I like. I am providing these extractable images for use in this competition only, and for no other use. You are free to publish your submitted images online as long as you give me credit for the mask.

The images are located in a zip file here: 

Email me your submissions here using the subject "Schnabel entry".