Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Olifant Outlaw

As part of my learning with Photoshop I decided to create a remake of a picture I took of my wife Jill several years ago wearing the Pachydermos mask, as seen below.

I figured with my new camera and lighting equipment that I could improve on the original, which was not well lit and a bit out of focus.

First I posed her on a white background for easy extraction in a pose similar to the first one, and with most of the same costume.

I then went to stock.xchng to look for free pictures that they offer for the furniture and interior. Here is a great old telephone table that looks like it could be Victorian, which is the look I was after.

After extracting the figure in Photoshop (removing the background) I combined her with the seat, resizing them as necessary to make it look like they went together.

Next I looked for wallpaper and discovered this pattern on DeviantArt, which was offered for free usage.

And back on stock.xchng I found a nice old floor.

I decided that a wanted poster for our heroine would be a nice touch, and created this one in Corel Draw. I then combined all the images, and photographed and added in some miscellany to populate the floor for my final image, seen below.

My original plan was to extract the figure and find a single photo to place her in. I ended up with ten separate images which make up the final picture.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Krankheit Photo

A new photograph of the black leather Krankheit, my riveted plague doctor mask. Edited in PhotoShop, my new source of delight.

Click on the image to see the detail.