Sunday, July 19, 2009

Defender: Totally Done

After six weeks of work the Defender helm, mask and gorget are all done.
This will be one of the pieces that I send to the Oxford steampunk exhibition.

The gorget has a small medallion with a gryphon portrait.

This photo shows the front plate with the bas-relief gryphons, the auditory amplifier horn, the sea anemone respirators, and the luminiferous aether collection devices all along the neckguard.

The Defender gas mask has two different eyepieces in preparation for various visual needs.

Here you can see the series of leather scales that make up the helmet crest.

Here is the Defender without the helm. Looks good on a bald pate.

The helmet and gorget can be worn quite stylishly without the mask.


  1. It's incredible! I wish I'd even known about this Steampunk exhibition in Oxford... I hadn't till I saw your journal on DA about it. I never even knew we had anything of the sort here. Perhaps I'll find an opportunity to see it, although I'm so busy with the end of my business placement and university projects, I may not. Definitely a piece for a prestigious exhibition you've created here.

  2. It's just amazing, Tom!! Wondering if you cast the sea-anemone respirators?

  3. Thanks, all. Madelyn, you can read about the making of the respirators here
    They are indeed cast in resin with aluminum powder.

  4. A religion in design all in its' own relm....

  5. Awesome, as always. I love the little horn you added on the top too...I like to imagine what he'd use these little things, is that for when he's talking inside the mask to amplify his voice?? I'd like to think so.


  6. Very impressive, the detailing is brilliant and I am amazed at the work gone into this piece.

  7. Incredible, stupendous! This truly deserves to be on display at Oxford... wish I could go see it.

    You're brilliant, Tom!