Thursday, August 27, 2009

Radio Guy: Steve Erenberg

This is the most amazing online source of steampunkish tools, equipment, masks, etc. All of it is the real deal, and museum quality.

Above is one sample page. At his website you can click on each item to get more info and details. I recommend setting aside some time to explore it all.

If you like steampunk, you'll love this site!


  1. Some of those are almost scary. I can't imagine wearing something like that...they must weigh a ton!

  2. Thanks for the kind words.
    Steve Erenberg

  3. His site is like steampunk porn! I must admit I also have a macabre fascination with prosthetics, gross anatomy and the like that his site nourishes (must have been due to my going to the National Museum of Health and Medicine as a child - ). I was forever changed after seeing the various medical anomalies contained therein. One day I wish to go to the Mütter Museum. Perchance to dream...