Friday, November 20, 2009

Skull Respirator: Completed

The good news is that the skull respirator is done. The bad news is that the skull faces sharply downward, so that only a small child would see it from the right angle.

Other than that one flaw I am pretty happy with it. However, that flaw looms large enough that I have decided to not pair the respirator with a fire fighter helmet (as the Death Defier) as I had planned.

I would prefer to put my time and energy into a brand new project, rather than continuing to work on a flawed one. You can see in the photo above the last parts that I added to the skull, which are aluminum tubing and steel springs, forming the cheekbone and jaw.


  1. Awww, it's amazing despite its downward-facing nature!

  2. For new leather crafters like me, it's invaluable to see a prototyping process. To see the exploration of an idea, while not necessarily ending up as one would like, is still an important aspect of the craft.
    We are all always learning, aren't we? :)

    Thanks, Tom, for sharing your skills and especially all of the facets of your work, successful or otherwise.

  3. Could the skull be mounted on a different way, even if it was not used as a respirator.

    I would also like to second what Craig said. Showing your process has helped me visualize and apply the leather to different surfaces.


  4. I am considering altering the leather surround to give the skull a better angle. I think it will be worth the effort, and should improve the respirator.