Monday, December 28, 2009

Rhino Gas Mask: The Prototype

Every mask needs a name, and I am calling this one (at least for now) the Rhino, due to its obvious nasal projection.

Here is the first prototype in leather. The paper prototype showed me a lot about the pattern, but paper doesn't bend or stretch or compress the way that vegetable tanned leather does, so until I build it in leather I don't really know what it's going to do.

There are several things I'm going to change on the pattern. The surround needs to be enlarged as I didn't take into consideration the thickness of the leather (I'm using a heavier 5-6 oz weight). I placed a seam above the eyes which doesn't need to be there, so I'll eliminate that. And I've got some rivets that are too close to the eyes which need to be moved. Otherwise it looks quite promising!


  1. I was looking at some pictures and would not presume to know anything about Rhino's but I was wondering if you were going to do 2 horns, ie: one in each hole (nose and mouth), or if you were going to do one horn in the nose hole with a snout contraption where the mouth was? Wondered if you were going to make some kind of ears? I almost didn't want to make a suggestion, you are highly imaginative and clever. I feel which ever way you go it will definately look great.

  2. Since I got the idea for this mask I haven't looked at any pictures of rhinos. I want this to be a gas mask first, with some resemblance to a rhino second. I'm building a horn-shaped exhaust port for the top hole. In the bottom hole I'll put a large intake filter--just what I don't know. My designs evolve as I go along. I never start with a finished look in mind (unless it's a commission), but rather do one step at a time, and then see what I want to do next. I have no plans for ears.

  3. My designs also evolve, I sometimes don't know what I am going to make even, I just get inspired by my tooling around. Its sounds like an adventure, I wouldn't worry about being unique, your stuff is definately that. Have a Great New Year