Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Power of a Photograph to Sell

I have recently begun incorporating professionally shot photos of our masks into our Etsy listings, and in doing so have discovered just what a powerful tool a good photograph can be.

This filigree Hearts mask in red was first offered a year and a half ago. I thought it was a good design, but it barely sold.

A couple of weeks ago WinterWolf Studios took this photo of the Hearts mask, and suddenly sales of it are going through the roof! Same mask, different photo.

In a similar situation, my photo of the Raven mask on a mannequin drew little attention.

However this photo by Anya E Photography has got buyers clamoring for it. Same mask, better looking model!

PS. We are well into our Halloween season for masks, and are super busy, so don't expect too many posts until November.


  1. Wow- those new photos really showcase your pieces. looks great

  2. Those photos really are fantastic! I know I had several of your masks in my favorites already, but it will be easier to put them into treasuries with the new saucy pics! I bet you will make the front page a few times because of that too! It is a good lesson to remember if I decide to ever go into jewelry or other personal decorative items.
    Julie D'Arcy

  3. Isn't that crazy, but it's true better pictures sell and those are gorgeous...clearly I need some more professional shots myself.

  4. I think at least part of it is skin tones. Both masks have a very stark color which looks strikingly unnatural against your models. The "good" photos both involve makeup which smooths the conflict in tones greatly.

  5. Saw you on etsy and was instantly drawn to the styling of the product! The photography really compliments the intricate work.

    I posted about you tonight on my blog :)