Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Cape Revisited

Last March I posted about my top hat being purchased for the NBC show The Cape. Well, last Sunday in episode three Kozmo it appeared in the hands and on the head of magician character Max Malini.

The only problem being poor Max is wearing it backwards! The seam shouldn't be in the front. Later in the episode the Russian villain Gregor Molotov poses as Max by wearing his coat and hat. He also has the hat on backwards! Watch the full episode here.

Useless triva: Keith David, who plays the character of Max and is pictured above, also played the father in There's Something About Mary. His wife's character was played by Markie Post with whom I went to high school.


  1. I dvr'd the episode, but hadn't seen it yet...I'm sure I would have recognized it anyway. Congrats, it's wonderful even backwards!

  2. haha...Sorry to hear it was on backwards, but congratulations that it was used all the same.

  3. So cool, love seeing brown skinned steampunkers! (Cuz I am ^.^)