Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dr. Beulenpest: Trim and Coloring

After much contemplation I've decided to simplify my original plans by combining the resin piece between the eyes, upper beak trim (which hides the handstitching) and transitional beak trim into one piece of leather.

First I airbrushed the mask with an undercoating of violet dye. Then I cut and attached the trim piece with domed rivets. As you can see I made the shape of the trim a bit more interesting than I had originally planned.

Here I have added matching domed rivets all around the surround, purely for decoration.

I then stained the mask brownish black, and left some of the violet (and undyed trim color) showing through to give it more character. Plain old black would have looked bland and modern.

These are the two eyepieces cast in cold cast aluminum. The one on the right is a nonagon (a nine sided polygon) with a nonagon cut-out which has been rotated 20°. I find its mechanical look quite pleasing.

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  1. The level of detail (nonagon) you put into the little things is beautiful.