Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ichabod: A New Plague Dr Mask

I have decided to create a third version of the plague doctor mask, in addition to the classic historical style, and the steampunked Dr. Beulenpest, shown below.

I have had several requests for an extended beak, and that will be one of the modifications in the new mask. In my initial sketches (shown below) the mask reminds me of a crane, and so I am calling the new piece Ichabod, in a nod to the 19th century author Washington Irving and his Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Before I can sculpt the new mask in clay I'm going need to build new eyepieces for it. Here I have lasered out several rings in acrylic sheet, which will be aligned and assembled using the brass rod. I slide each piece in the proper order over the three rods and use epoxy cement to hold them together. A stationary belt sander is used to turn the stepped bottom into a smooth angle. And here I've cemented a flange on the bottom to keep the eyepiece in place on the mask. Next step is molding it in silicone rubber.


  1. Ichabod. Crane. I get it! Looks promising, I think it would be better to go with the upper sketch on the lined paper, because the beak is more leather than aluminum/resin.

  2. Hey
    I was researching plague masks for a picture i wanted to draw and came across your blog, real nice stuff man !

  3. Hi ! I'd like to know, do you sell your creations ? Because I really love the mask and hat of the banner.