Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alexi Torres, Painter

Alexi Torres is an oil painter from Atlanta, GA who grew up in Cuba. He wrote me "My works on oil/canvas are based in the idea of redoing, recycling and reusing. I get an image already conceived and transform it, painting it with organic material, like basket weaving, tree leaves and feathers. I came across your creative masks and I did ... paintings on canvas that I wanted to share with you. I did transform it a bit."

Pictured above is my Rococo mask in red leather.

And here is Alexi's painting of the same subject, turned into leaves on a basket woven face. I suggest you click on the painting to see it in a larger size in order to see the detail. More of his work can be found on his website.


  1. Lovely work! Both the mask AND the painting.

    How do you cut your masks? Laser?

  2. Wow... I am speechless. I found your blog by looking for information for making top hats- I wanted to make a miniature one for Halloween, and I ran across your corset-laced top hat. I've been devouring your blog ever since...

    I'm absolutely blown away by your creativity, your talents, the whole thing. Then this painting... it too took my breath away. I've worked with leather a bit in the past, and so I appreciate what you're creating.

    The fact that you give away so much information about how you do it? Amazing, inspiring... I love it. You clearly understand that showing the work that goes into creating a piece doesn't mean people will stop buying your pieces and make their own. Instead, it shows what an incredible creative talent you are, and makes your pieces that much more valuable.

    Thank you- for the blog, for the step-by-steps, and for putting your art out into the world!