Monday, June 18, 2012

Pestis: Plague Dr. Beak

Introducing the latest in my line of plague doctor masks. Pestis is a half mask, leaving the eyes uncovered. It can easily be accessorized with goggles and hood or hat. Made with the same quality and fine materials as my other plague doctor masks.

Pestis Plague Doctor Mask: $89

Welding Goggles: $15

Balaclava: $6

Entire Plague Doctor Outfit: Priceless

The mask is now available at an introductory price of $79 at our Etsy store. I am not selling any of the accessories, just the Pestis mask. Perfect for those (like myself) who wear glasses. Pestis is made of top grain veg tan leather and rivets with an adjustable elastic band.

Pestis Out at Night

Pestis with a Hood


  1. A very handy accessory, even more useful after the incident with the face eater in Florida.

  2. Hey Tom, I recently saw a krankheit mask featuring in the once upon a time tv serie, I'm glad to see one of your work on a large broadcasting show, it was an episode about Alice in Wonderland, cheers