Friday, January 30, 2009

Pachyderm: Tusk transmutators

I ordered a life-size man head several days ago so that I can build my gasmask on it, and properly place the copper ears. While waiting for that to arrive I finished the two tusks. Functionally they are bad air transmutators, which convert foul gases to something breathable. In other words, the working end of the gas mask. They just happen to bear an uncanny resemblance to elephantine tusks when juxtaposed with the pressure hose and sound amplifiers.

The picture shows my construction of various plastic and metal parts on the left, which I molded in silicone rubber, then cast in cold cast bronze (a mixture of urethane resin and atomized bronze and brass). The finished transmutator is on the right.

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  1. I search the internet constantly for work & I have never left a comment on anyone's page like this however I find your work beautiful and utterly amazing. You are very talented and remind me so much of my father, whom of course I'm also very fond of. I wish I could meet you and take a closer look at your masks, (in which I have a large obsession with, masks that is.)However, you probably live somewhere like New Jersey which I have heard is the armpit of america (plus its all the way across the US, as I am in California!) anyway i hope you have realized this is a compliment from me to you saying thanks for the beauty and art, don't stop.