Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pachyderm Update

We last left our feckless hero, the Pachyderm, waiting for a styrofoam head to arrive, in order to correct his Mickey Mouse ears. Not being able to work on the elephantine gas mask, I turned to other pursuits, namely creating my first raygun. I am now pleased to report that the man head has arrived, and much progress has been made on the mask. The ear straps have been completely redesigned so that the ears are not quite so comical.

The acorn nuts holding the bad air transmutators onto the leather mask were a bright brass, and needed to be subdued. By searching online I discovered liver of sulphur, a chemical used to tarnish brass and bronze, and proceeded to purchase a small bottle. The results are lovely! I also fabricated the eyepiece out of acrylic sheet, then molded it in silicone rubber and cast two of them in a faux copper. The results are splendid, with its rivets making it look rather like a porthole from Capt. Nemo's Nautilus.

The only step left is to buy and install some small rivets to hold the trunk in place. I will photograph the mask and post pictures here in a couple of days.

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