Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Designing a New Leather Mask

Spring is almost upon us, and leather mask sales should pick up as buyers think about what they're going to wear at music festivals. Above is my first sketch of an idea for a new mask, consisting of a whole bunch of cut out hearts. I drew this right before turning out the lights for bed. The star means I think it's a good design.

This is the next sketch the following day, seeing how it would work to have the eye openings be larger hearts, with other hearts around it. In designing a mask, the eye openings are critical.
Here I have fleshed out the idea, and after penciling in all the hearts on one half of the face, I have inked them in. Next I scanned this image and brought it into Corel Draw, where I fine-tuned it and mirrored it for the other half of the face.

And here is the finished mask, after cutting out the pattern in leather, shaping it to my face form, and painting it red. Lastly, I've listed it the Cut Out Hearts mask on Etsy, where I hope it will quickly sell!


  1. Almost makes me want to make a tatted version of it, just to see if I can!

  2. Hey Tom! I found your blog via your Etsy store and I really love your work! Would you mind if I used some pics of your masks and posted them on my blog? Giving your store and yourself credit, of course! Let me know, thanks!!

  3. Hi Katlin,

    Sure, that would be great. Thanks for the nice words.

  4. Thanks Tom! Posted some pics on my blog! :)

  5. Awesome masks! Ever since I came back from Venice I'm in love with them! Love to see your progress in making them. Ta!