Saturday, March 28, 2009

Five New Leather Masks

I have designed five new cut out masks for Spring 2009, and I'm selling them all at my Etsy shop for $10 off the regular price. I'm offering them all in several colors.
This is called cut out Fans in gold. It has a bit of an ancient Egyptian look to me.

This one is called cut out Hearts in red.

This one as you might guess is called cut out Stars in silver.

This one I've called cut out Totem, as it looks organic yet mystical to me at the same time.

And lastly, and this one is my current favorite, we have Muse, because it reminds me of ancient Greece.


  1. Ooh, the Muse is just plain gorgeous, I like Fans a lot as well

  2. Absolutely stunning work... delicate yet mystical. Love it!

  3. beauty! totem is putting serious lust in my heart.