Sunday, October 25, 2009

After The Fall: Packrat's Mask Begun

The mask worn by the character Packrat in the movie After The Fall is based on my Pachydermos gas mask.

Above are the three major pattern pieces: The surround, the face and the trunk.

Here are all of the leather parts, after I've stitched together the three parts shown above. The other pieces are straps, trim and buckle attachments.

Here is a side view of what I have at this point. The trunk piece is unusual in that it is folded back upon itself several times, to simulate the trunk of an elephant.

Here is an inside peek, showing the folded leather and all the hand stitching. Once I have antiqued the parts brown it will look a whole lot better.


  1. I love it. I notice from your pattern notes that the nose is flesh side out...a really cool, creative touch.
    I'd love to see you doing some work on video. I realize you're very busy, but seriously, you could have your own YouTube channel and knock the Steampunk community on its collective arse. I have looked at the quality of the work on the mask I got from you, and I'm continually shaking my head in awe of your skills. Your work is very much on the leading edge of leathercraft and Steampunk. No wonder your work is presented to the world at Oxford.

    Love these photos, Tom.

  2. Thank you, Craig. The note of "flesh side out" is to remind me that I needed to score the leather on the backside so that it would fold nicely. The finished surface is the grain side.

    While I appreciate what you say about my craftmanship, I think that my recognition as a leather artist stems mostly from my original designs.