Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween is Over

All right, not really, but our crazy Halloween season is just about. Besides my wife's and my regular business of resin casting, we have been selling leather masks on Etsy, and these last three months have been inordinately busy. And while I'm grateful for the income, I am so ready to slow down and and take it easy. You may have noticed my lack of posts lately, which is totally due to my having very little time to work on new projects.

My skull respirator, for instance, has been almost complete for about two months, but is still unfinished. I expect to proceed with it soon. I have decided to pair it with a blue fire helmet that I made long ago, but never made a plate for (the decorative piece on the front).

For the red Firemaster helmet I made the plate out of leather that was embossed and gold leafed.

For the blue fire helmet I plan on making it out of cold cast aluminum, the same material I used for the Sentinel plate, shown above.

The helmet and respirator together will be the official gear of an elite cadre of firefighters: The Death Defiers. Their motto is "Death to fires!" This is of course a play on words, as the two sound almost identical when spoken. My plan for the plate is a smaller, flatter version of the skull on the respirator (shown above), surrounded by the name on top and the slogan underneath. I am excited about seeing it done.

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