Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tauruscat: Crest Lenses

Why does the crest have lenses? you might be asking yourself, and a good question it is. While Professor Tauruscat's central processing engine is working, I felt it would be convenient to have some physical manifestation of its inner workings, and so I will be hooking up some lights which will make the lenses glow as the wearer's thoughts are processed.

From left to right above, I fabricated the lens model out of clear acrylic sheet and clay, molded it in rubber (behind) then cast it in the pinkish resin. This piece I reworked, smoothing and shaping to better fit the spaces in the crest awaiting the three lenses. I molded it yet again (behind on right), then cast the final part in a translucent amber colored resin. Sanding off the gate gave me the finished lens on the far right.

I cast three such lenses, then inserted them into the crest, as shown above. The photo shows them illuminated.

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