Thursday, May 27, 2010

Plague Doctor Mask Revised

I have altered the first pattern in several places to make this revised mask. I eliminated the center forehead seam and replaced it with two temple seams which extend to the eyes. In addition to looking cleaner it also allows the eyes to have more shape. I also added a dart to the underside of the beak so that it has a better curve.

The first picture shows the left eye being stretched open with an acrylic ring. I have also added tabs for attaching the straps with three rivets.

In the photo above I have stitched one eye lens with its leather trim into place. The darker leather is due to its being wet, which makes the hand stitching easier and lie smoother.


  1. Love it...can't wait to see more as it progresses.

  2. I'd die for a tutorial or at least a pattern of this mask. Unbelievable work!

  3. I won't be giving out the pattern for this as this is my livelihood, but if you follow my blog back you'll see every step of how I constructed it.

  4. Thanks Tom, will do. I'll be sure to refer everyone I know interested in this art to your site!