Friday, February 19, 2010

Tauruscat: The Sensors

Now it is time to fill those eleven holes in the Tauruscat helmet with brain wave sensors. I dug through my somewhat extensive collection of yard sale finds looking for something appropriate, and found a cast iron lamp part (I think). It has a certain Victorian look to it, and so I'm using it as my base. Attached to it (on the left in the photo) is a short pipe (on the bottom) and a barbed brass hose fitting (on the top).

I filled the holes in the bottom of the iron casting with steel ball bearings, and fabricated a black acrylic collar (towards the top) that will fit over the rubber tubing. I then molded the whole thing in silicone rubber, and cast the parts in black urethane (middle of photo). For the final look I antiqued it in the fruitwood wood stain (on the right) so that it would resemble rusty cast iron.


  1. Thanks for sharing your antiquing methods on here Tom, they are always brilliant and so very helpful!