Monday, February 22, 2010

Gas Masks & Face Masks

Here is a glimpse of my collection of gas masks, paintball face masks, and respirators. These are what I base my steampunk leather and resin creations on.


  1. Wow, that's a great collection.
    I've always wanted a gas mask but I would certainly prefer to own one of your amazing creations.
    You are so talented & your work is amazingly impressive, I’m most definitely a fan :)

  2. amazing work, truly talent.

    I always kept wondering where all these amazing masks come from ' Dr Lecter Hannibal'' and now am sure i got the answer.

    Great collection,since i draw a lot of gas mask in my graphics i am your follower.

    Great work again, moreover you these long years of experience in this field.

  3. As jealous as I am of your skill, talent, style, and presence, I am now MORE jealous of you for your awesome collection of masks! Gaaah! I think you are well on your way to becoming a hero of mine!

  4. I am a burgeoning collector of gas masks (how I found steampunk, actually). I have the Israeli one as you do in the lower right. It's probably aesthetically my favorite gas mask I've seen. Nice collection, Sir!

  5. You sir, you're just like me from the future. Steampunk, gas masks, face masks, plague masks... Basically, they are a big part of my interests.

  6. A Gp-5, M61, Israeli M15, 3 airsoft mask, that unknown German mask, a 40mm Nato standard filter, goggles, and a double filter industrial respirator.