Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tauruscat: Tubing Question

Professor Tauruscat left scant record of what connected the eleven brainwave sensors to the processor on top of the helmet. In looking for a period material I felt that latex tubing would be an ideal choice, and easy to work with. It would also provide a somewhat comical effect by providing bounce (when the wearer perambulated) which I could not resist.

However once my latex surgical tubing arrived and I fitted it onto the barbed end of the sensor, I immediately realized it would not work, as it simply did not look right. See top of photo below.

I briefly considered aging the latex—darkening it and giving it cracks—but still I felt this would fall short of the look I was after. After much research I came upon a braided sleeve (at the bottom of the photo) which seems appropriate. Not only does it look Victorian to me, but the black color blends in with the other dark colors of the leather and the sensors.

Now I am looking for a metal finding (or other piece of hardware) to finish off the braid and prevent it from fraying.


  1. Were hose clamps invented back then?

  2. Absolutely delightful, as ever. I adore watching your work unfold here.

  3. Love your work and love seeing how it's made. I also wanted to let you know that I've nominated your blog for a Sunshine Award. You can check out the details on my blog.