Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tauruscat: Stitching the Leather

After cutting out the skull patterns in 5-6 oz leather, I handstitched the pieces together using waxed thread. After wetting it I pulled the skull over the head form to let it dry in the right shape.

Here is a rear view of the skull with the stitching almost complete.

After drafting the pattern for the brim, I cut it out and stitched it onto the skull. Then to make it a bit stiffer (and to give it a finished look) I sewed on leather piping (shown here partially done).


  1. it's looking really great, but it makes my hands hurt just to think of all the hand stitching that you've done...

  2. I enjoy the hand stitching. It does hurt sometimes, but I am rewarded by seeing the helmet take shape.

  3. Do you make all the holes for the needle by hand, or is there a machine that does this boring work?