Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prof. Tauruscat's Helmet

Baron Henry Balzerhaught

As many of my long time readers may recall, I have been keenly investigating the Gryphon Interplanetary Aeroship Expedition in an attempt to verify its fabled journey to Mars and Venus, as well as other planets. There has been much speculation over the years over not only the expedition but also its sponsor, Baron Henry Balzerhaught of Upper Bavaria and his brilliant scientist/inventor Professor H. Tauruscat.

Little is known about this secretive project, and there are few facts that can be proven with any certainty. Many incredible tales regarding the expedition have circulated for years without any substantive backing.

So you can imagine my surprise and delight when I was recently contacted by the archivist of the late Baron's estate with news that a letter apparently handwritten by the professor himself to his patron had been discovered! Although I have yet to see the correspondence in question, I have been told that Tauruscat describes a leather helmet which he constructed and wore for the purpose of enhancing his mental faculties.

I do recollect that many years ago I read of such a device being invented by the professor. As I recall, the writer referred to it mockingly as a thinking cap. I am hoping and praying that the newly discovered letter reveals sufficient details about the helmet to provide us with some understanding of its purpose and functioning. Is it possible that the engraving of the Baron (shown above) could be him wearing said cap?

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