Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rhino Gas Mask: The Finished Photos

I'm happy to report that the first Rhino gas mask is complete. It took me just under one month to construct from start to finish. Here then are the photos.

Since 73% of respondents to my poll on horn direction favored up, I have gone with that.

This first mask turned out smaller than I had expected. Definitely a size small. I have listed it on Ebay with a $1 starting bid. There are more photos there. Rhino on Ebay


  1. This is absolutely AMAZING sir! Amazing!

  2. Very Understated, wonderful creativity, One of a Kind.

  3. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for leaving your 'calling card' at my blog~I'm a huge fan of your work (and have serious workshop-envy)!... I sure wish I could've seen the Oxford Show.

    I love this piece, and I even like the look of the 'nose down', sans bottom respirator. (A bit more anteater than rhinoceros, though!)