Monday, January 18, 2010

Rhino Gas Mask: Strap Design

The Rhino is my fourth gas mask. The first one—simply called Gas Mask—was the first steampunk item I ever made. Since making other styles I now refer to this design as No. 43.

Pictured above is a No. 43 showing the straps, with the buckles attached to the mask surround and the straps made up of four pieces of leather, riveted (or sewn) together. My second gas mask was Pachydermos, which combined elements of No. 43 and the canisters of my first respirator, the Bad Air Transmutator. It kept the same straps as used in No. 43.

My third gas mask was part of the Sentinel ensemble, shown above. The straps were once again similar to the first two, with slight design modifications.

For the Rhino gas mask I've decided to make two major changes in regards to the straps. First of all I have streamlined the pattern into just two pieces, seen below.

And secondly, I've reversed the buckles and straps from the previous versions. On the Rhino, the free strap ends will be pointing away from the face.


  1. Great gas mask images. Thanks for sharing.

  2. For some reason I feel like I hadn't seen the leather collar part of the Sentinel before - it's brilliant! I love it, want to see more angles!

  3. Thanks, Choklit. You can see other pics of the Sentinel here:

  4. Where did you buy the leather straps?

  5. I cut the straps out of a side of cowhide.