Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rhino Gas Mask: Finished Canister

The Rhino canister model with the finished cold cast aluminum one.

The model weighs 392 gm, while the hollow cold cast version weighs a mere 91 gm (3.2 oz)! The wearer won't even notice it's there.


  1. How did you do the lettering on the model? Was it a stamp or stencil? Did you carve it?

  2. @Mr. Sable,
    Maybe the comments from one of Tom's posts last year will help explain a few things:

  3. Mr. Sable,
    I own a small business making custom resin items, mostly corporate trophies. A few years ago I purchased a laser engraver for that business, and I now use it occasionally in my steampunk work.

  4. Phenomenal detail. It reminds me of the Police Building in Blade Runner for some reason: