Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rhino Gas Mask: Finishing the Horn Model

Continuing work on the horn model, I've added red metal eyelets and a faux pearl at the top. The model is now complete.

Once the horn is cast hollow in cold cast metal I'll drill through the eyelets to create ventilation holes in order to make breathing easier for the wearer.

In preparation for making the silicome rubber mold I've hot glued the model upright on a scrap of Formica®. The popcorn cup will be hot glued down around the horn, and will contain the liquid rubber while it slowly cures. The white plasticene around the base of the model will become a separate rubber plug which will keep in the liquid resin during the rotocasting process.


  1. i love these in progress shots! your so clever!

  2. I had to read the description several times to understand the retro casting, and I finially get it. I can't wait until I have an opportunity to use this skill, not that I have ever cast something, maybe I should start with that. Thanks Tom I also can't wait till see the finished project attached to the "Rhino Mask"