Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dr. Beulenpest: Casting the Beak Tip

I have now cast two beak tips in urethane resin for Dr. Beulenpest's plague doctor mask, one for the upper beak and the other for the lower.

On the left is the rough casting right out of the mold. On the right, after it has been sanded down a bit, on its way to the final shape of the upper beak.

Here I've placed the combined beak casting onto the clay model to check that it's looking right.

In pondering more about the joint between the resin beak tip and the leather I'm thinking I need a piece of leather trim piece to ease the transition.

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  1. You're probably getting tired of my posts by now, but I must say that I really enjoy your tutorials/step-by-steps. I fully intend on making my own masks in the future and will look to your website for ideas on rendering these ideas to fruition. Thanks for all you do. You're an inspiration, truly.