Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pachydermos Copper Ears

I'm making a variation of Pachydermos, sort of a Son of Pachy. I had made the copper ears for the original Pachydermos before I started my blog, so the steps of how I made them were never recorded. This set of ears is identical to the first except for the color of the trim.

I've started with copper lampshades from an old Wagon Wheel chandelier. These I found at my local thrift shop, but I have also purchased some online at Ebay. I'll be covering the outer edge with leather, so my first step is to make regular indents with a hole punch.

This photo shows the original shade on the left, and the reworked one on the right with its punch marks showing through on the front lip. I have also buffed off the lacquered antique finish that the original came with and which made them look so 1950's.

Next I drill small holes through the copper, using the punch marks to keep the drill bit from wandering.

And here I'm sanding off the rough edges from the drilled copper on a drum sander, so that the holes are smooth enough to allow the waxed thread to pass through without cutting it.

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