Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Defender: Adding Piping

To finish off the two eye openings on the mask, as well as the respirator openings I am stitching on leather piping. The mask parts are 4-5 oz leather, while the piping is only 2-3 oz, so it will more easily fold.

The pattern for the piping is a rectangle. Here you can see the piping piece at the bottom, and on one of the eye openings the piping has been attached. In addition to looking better, it makes attaching the resin eyepieces easier.


  1. Tom,
    When you attach the eyepieces, do you sew them or glue them or both?


  2. I will glue it with contact cement if it's feasible. That gives a smoother fit. Sometimes it isn't practical. I always stitch it as well in usually three spots. I keep learning as I go.