Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Defender: Designing the Crest

I decided before I remade the crown and neck guard of the helm I would work out the crest, as it plays a prominent role in the helmet's appearance, and could affect how I should redesign the other parts.

This sketch shows my original concept. The helmet—once it was made in leather—really had a samurai feel to it, and no longer looked straight out of Star Wars. I feel that the crest simply adds to the Asian flair.

I used the green paper to work out the pattern of the interlocking leather pieces, then cut and riveted them in leather as seen here on the prototype helmet, in approximately the final position.


  1. Love it! What an education for me to see how you sketch things out and then mock it up with the paper. As someone who wants very much to learn about leather crafting, I really appreciate how you share these insights into your creative process.

    Dawson Creek, BC

  2. Thanks, Craig. Glad to hear that you appreciate it. Paper is cheap; leather is expensive, so it really makes sense to work out the patterns in paper first. I might make eight to ten attempts before getting it right.

  3. Always enjoy your WIP posts, Tom