Saturday, June 6, 2009

Defender: A New Steampunk Helmet

Time to start a new steampunk helmet/mask. This one has a working title of Defender. My last project—the underground explorer helmet—was met with much critical acclaim.

Since it started with pulling a pattern from a simple toy helmet, I have decided to use the same technique for the Defender's helmet. This time the form is a Darth Vader plastic helmet that I found at a yard sale.

Here I have covered half the helmet in two plus layers of masking tape, and marked with a felt pen where my seam lines will go.

These are the two patterns cut off of the helmet and laid down flat on cardboard. Next I will adjust these pieces so that they will work in leather, then cut the leather and handstitch all four pieces together.


  1. Wow.... I'm anxious to see how this goes. I'm so glad to have gotten in touch with you again and see what you are doing. :+) - L.P.

  2. Love using the Vader helmet as a base. Really seems to lend itself to this kind of aesthetic. Oddly I just finished a Steampunk Vader on my site so am fresh off of thinking about the shapes that I saw in that helmet. Can't wait to see how you translate it your work is so rich. Cheers, Kevin