Thursday, June 25, 2009

Defender: Attaching the Aether Collectors

The Defender steampunk helm is getting ever so much closer to completion. Today I added the ten luminiferous aether collection devices.

After riveting the devices to the neckguard trim I stitched and riveted the trim to the neckguard itself.

I then antiqued it to match the rest of the helmet. No more bright colors!

Here is a detail photo of the rear of the helm, showing the crest and the aether devices. Next I will finish and mount the front plate.


  1. I want to collect luminiferous aether!

  2. I want to go on the adventure that whoever owns this helmet will be going has such a story about it!! That's what I love about all of your pieces, they have a story and a feel to them that's just so inspiring...

  3. Thanks, Holly. It's funny you should say that because while I do have a story in my head, I am very intentionally not telling it as I want to leave open the possibility of having another writing competition.