Friday, June 5, 2009

Underground Explorer Raygun

To finish off the underground explorer's outfit for his formal photograph I put together a down and dirty "rock blaster" raygun.

You can cut through solid rock likes it's butter with this puppy!

Anybody recognize what I made this from?


  1. *hides* I do not want to be staring down the barrel of this beauty, that's for sure!!!

    Now I'm ready to see the full underground explorer outfit on someone... holding monsters at bay... Time for a fantasy photo shoot?

  2. Hey Tom! Long time no see!
    Cool ray-gun..looks like one of my old hair dryers, minus the rays of course..maybe thats what happened to my hair!
    Happy Hauntings, Gail

  3. Great piece! Fits in with the helmet perfectly. I wish my hair dyer had a trigger like that.

  4. Yep, it's just a hairdryer with a couple of things glued on. Chok, I have been planning the photo shoot for underground explorer's helmet, and it shouldn't be far off now. The "rock blaster" will of course just be a minor accessory.