Saturday, June 13, 2009

Defender: Coloring the Helm

I reworked the helm pattern by enlarging it all over, plus eliminating the center crown strip. The fit on the form is good, although it could have been a scoutch smaller. I also went with a firmer leather. In general leather is described by what animal it comes from, its thickness, and its stiffness. The latter quality being mellow on one end of the spectrum and firm on the other.

My first undersized helm was made of a rather mellow leather, because in the 5-6 oz thickness I wanted to use, that was all I had. Once I realized I would have to remake the helm I ordered a side of cowhide specifying that it be firm. Consequently the new helm is not so floppy as the first one was.

I will be making the helm and accompanying mask predominantly black, but I want a few highlights of red and violet showing through. The first step is dying those colors, shown above.

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  1. I'm taking old floppy and running with it. I'll make sure to comment with link to pics of my version as it progresses. Great meeting you at Sac Steam Soc's swap-meet :)